Cornelia's Journey

Cornelia's journey into holistic health began due to personal health issues with eczema and digestive issues, and question marks around the concept of health on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. This steered her path to a course in Naturopathic nutrition, which was a journey into health in itself. She realised our interconnectedness with nature and the earth, which inspired her deeply. During this three year-long course, she changed her diet and lifestyle completely. Her health started to recover, little by little. But still, it didn’t completely return.

After having forced herself to follow the “perfect” diet- and lifestyle protocol for two years, her body had finally had enough, and although she was still alive, she sure didn’t feel like it. Something had to change. Cornelia realised that as long as she was following a diet and lifestyle designed by someone else for someone else, without listening to her own body, while living in a state of constant stress, her health would not return.

Throughout the course of her studies, the impact of chronic stress on health and well-being, and how it influences all of our body systems, was repeatedly mentioned. At this time, her passion for stress management awoke, and the ways in which we can learn how to listen and interpret the language of our body when it expresses what it really needs and desires. 

Around this time, Cornelia came across ThetaHealing®, which offered the missing link - the interconnectedness between our mind and our physical health. She finally started to recover properly and could clearly see that being healthy encompasses so much more than only our diet, even though it is a crucial component. She realised that in order to create the circumstances and conditions our body requires for optimal health, we also need to change the ways in which we think, for which ThetaHealing® is a powerful tool. It helps you to get in touch which yourself, and understand what you bealive to be true about yourself and this world, and allow you to release any limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that help you instead.

It is Cornelia's personal belief that the combination of naturopathy and ThetaHealing® holds the potential to allow us to quiet the mind and body down to the point where we can once again hear what they are telling us. We already know what’s wrong, we simply need to listen. She belives that this is the most effective approach to awaken our body’s innate ability for self-healing, and to reclaim our ability to create lasting and empowered change in our health and our lives.